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Dr. Girouard was one of the first to advocate what several recent medical studies have proven to be the most effective, safest, and healthiest diet for weight loss. Adding his own unique breakthrough discoveries, he has developed an optimal eating plan which produces better results than the traditional 500 Calorie Simeon diet without the severe calorie restriction.

The result is an eating plan that is hailed by Dr. Girouard's patients as easy to follow and readily modifiable to suit individual lifestyles and tastes. Licensed providers will see you at each office visit to answer questions, offer guidance, and provide food and lifestyle suggestions to carry you beyond successful weight loss, all the way to healthy and successful weight maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does your program work? Can you give me details?

Dr. Girouard has been able to help more than 205,000 patients over the course of almost 30 years. The success of the program he developed is based on many years of experience, countless hours dedicated to obesity related research, and a true passion to help patients overcome their weight struggles. The program consists of a specific diet, designed to increase a patient's metabolic rate and speed up fat breakdown. We also offer our patients the choice of having weekly HCG injections, which have been proven to be a safe and effective way to help patients lose their accumulated fat, mostly in areas of excessive weight gain. HCG promotes fat loss from areas that are usually difficult to lose, so our patients report tremendous satisfaction with their results.

As part of a medical weight loss plan, we treat hunger as a true physiological symptom, just like any other symptom of a chronic illness. We medicate the hunger with appetite suppressants so patients can be educated on better eating patterns without being controlled by hunger. We counsel our patients on a lifestyle of wellness, and also take into account any metabolic or physical reason for their obesity. Our program is a medically supervised weight loss program. We have Board Certified Providers who provide excellent care in all of our Clinics, all with the supervision of Dr. Michael Girouard and/or Dr. Jonie Girouard.

Let's Get Thin
On your first visit, you will be given a booklet written by Dr. Girouard, with all the details of our program and detailed information about HCG, appetite suppressants, and our diet. You'll also watch a very informational video presented by by Dr. Michael Girouard and Dr. Jonie Girouard.

2. Can I make appointments via email or through your website?

At this time we do not as a normal course of business accept appointments via email. The email feature on our website is intended for existing patients or prospective patients who have questions regarding our program and need further information. It is not intended to make appointments, cancel appointments or any appointment related inquiry. Please call one of our Clinics for appointment related questions and our phone staff will be glad to set-up your appointment, and answer any general questions you might have.

We do now offer patients the option to make appointments online. Click here for direct access to LGTMD Online Booking.

3. Do you accept checks as a form of payment? How about insurance?

Unfortunately, due to difficult experiences in the past, we've made a policy not to accept personal or business checks. We do however, accept Visa and Mastercard as long as the credit card is issued to you in your name. We do not file for insurance payment in our Clinic, but we do give our patients all the required paperwork they need to file themselves and get reimbursed.

Let's Get Thin
Unfortunately, most insurance companies still consider a weight loss program a cosmetic benefit, thus not payable by their insurance plans. However, we are starting to see that insurance companies are starting to reimburse our patients, so we make available the properly notated receipts and required paperwork.

4. I just had a baby and I'm breastfeeding, can I do your program?

Unfortunately all the medications we use to control your appetite and to expedite your weight loss are contraindicated if you are breastfeeding. Also, while breastfeeding your nutritional needs require more calories than what is recommended in a weight loss program. Breastfeeding is the ideal form of nutrition for your baby, but if for any reason you stop breastfeeding, please do give us a call and schedule an appointment so we can start your weight loss program.

5. Should I be taking appetite suppressants with food? How long should I wait to eat something?

Appetite suppressants should be taken one hour before a solid food or two hours after solids. You may take your appetite suppressant with any liquid meal. Solid food interferes with absorption of several medications, so make sure you take them according to directions. Your provider can help you if you have other questions.

6. How do I calculate Net Carbs?

Net Carbs are your "active carbs". Net Carbs=Total Carbs-Fiber and Sugar Alcohol Grams. You can find the Total Carbohydrates per serving on the Nutritional Information label on most product packaging. Look under the Total Carbs for Fiber and/or Sugar Alcohols (a sweetener). You may subtract them from the total carbohydrate count. For products without labeling go online to

7. How do I choose the best frozen meals for the Casey Diet?

Always READ YOUR LABELS and make sure you select frozen meals that contain 15 or more grams of protein and 30 or less grams of NET carbs. Many of the frozen meals have 50 or more grams of carbohydrate!

8. Should I increase my calories if I'm really active?

Our program has a special protocol for individuals who are considered "heavy exercisers". Your provider can help make this determination and advise you accordingly.

9. What are true calories?

"True Calories" is just another way of saying non-protein calories. Your educational materials will show you how you can calculate true calories and provide daily true calorie intake guidelines.

10. Do I need Medical Clearance from my doctor to be eligible for appetite suppressants?

Your safety is very important to us. There are some medical conditions and medications that may not be appropriate for use with certain appetite suppressants. In this case we will contact your doctor to make sure you can safely use appetite suppressants. Your well-being is our chief priority.

11. I have heard I can purchase appetite suppressants and HCG online. Is this safe?

NO! There is no regulation of the products sold through the internet and you may be purchasing something potentially harmful. Our pharmacy and providers are licensed and regulated by the NC Board of Pharmacy in accordance with their guidelines. The medications we prescribe are safe and FDA approved.

12. How much does the weight loss program cost?

Since the Let's Get Thin MD program is specifically tailored to your health and wellness goals, prices vary slightly depending on medications, supplements, and quantity of injections you purchase. The cost* of the first office visit at one of our 5 North Carolina Clinics starts at $125. This fee includes a one-on-one consultation with a weight loss expert, watching Dr. Girouard’s 25-minute new patient video, a personal copy of Dr. Girouard’s new patient booklet, and an InBody composition measurement.

Additional fees may apply for medication, injections, supplements and protein products recommended as part of your treatment plan.

All subsequent monthly office visits average from $60-$75 (does not include medication, injections, supplements, or protein products).

* Does not apply to Wyoming clinic fees. Wyoming office visit fees include the cost of injections. The first office visit is $175, subsequent office visits from $105-$125 (fees do not include medication, supplements or protein products).

If you have any questions please call our offices to verify the latest pricing structure. Thank you.

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