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Michael P. Girouard, MD

Michael P. Girouard, MD - Weight Loss & Wellness Clinic, PLLC

Dr. Girouard was born and raised in Chalmette, LA. He graduated from Chalmette High School as Valedictorian and was student council president. After high school, he attended Southeastern Louisiana University and earned a BS in Chemistry with minors in Mathematics and Physics.

Dr. Girouard had been overweight most of his life. When he was 6 years old, he was so overweight that his parents had to have a communion suit tailor made for him. He lost weight in junior high, going from 185 pounds to 110 in one year. In 1990 he lost 100 pounds going from 265 to 170 and has maintained this weight since then. Due to his own personal battles with weight, he has a genuine compassion for others dealing with these same issues. This care and concern became a mission to find a treatment program to help others manage their weight. In 1981, he started his first weight loss practice in Louisiana.

Dr. Girouard opened his practice in Huntersville, NC, in May of 2000 after having already run a successful practice in America's fattest city - New Orleans. (When he closed his practice in Louisiana, he had over 100,000 patient records.) He has a true goal and desire to beat the burden of obesity and has dedicated nearly 30 years of his professional life treating and researching better approaches to weight management. Dr. Girouard's Weight Loss & Wellness Clinics are based upon his extensive research of medical literature and are rooted in clinically proven scientific principles.

Looking to the future, Dr. Girouard also currently holds one patent for a group of new obesity drugs and has other patents pending. He hopes to begin clinical studies and believes these new drugs will prove to be more than a treatment, but a cure for obesity. The success of the program is demonstrated by the patient's results and the simple fact that in 15 years the Clinics have become the largest in NC, with patients coming from as far away as FL, NY, CA and even France.

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