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We've Earned The Trust Of More Than 205,000 Patients In The Last 30 Years

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Beginning in 1981, Dr. Girouard's "Let's Get Thin MD™" Weight Loss & Wellness Clinics have treated over 205,000 patients and have grown to become America's largest medical weight loss clinic.

Building on this vast experience, our Clinics offer the best in healthy, sustainable weight loss and maintenance programs, including Nutritional Plans, Appetite Suppressants, HCG Injections, specialty protein products and unique supplements, all designed to help you lose and maintain your weight.

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Weight Loss Program Overview

Dr. Girouard offers a medically supervised weight loss program proven to have outstanding results and efficacy. Each patient has a private office visit, at which time patients are offered treatment choices, including the utilization of appetite suppressants along with HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) injections, which facilitate fat loss by aiding in the breaking down of fat cells, thereby reducing inches.

Neither the appetite suppressant nor the injections are requirements for participation.

Patients also receive a detailed diet education, and exercise recommendations as integral parts of the overall wellness program. After the initial visit, patients have monthly Clinic visits until they reach their optimal weight loss. Click here for our "Welcome" page and prerequisites for joining the Let's Get Thin MD™ Program.

Weight Loss Program Cost

Since the Let's Get Thin MD program is specifically tailored to your health and wellness goals, prices vary slightly depending on medications, supplements, and quantity of injections you purchase. The cost of the first office visit at one of our 5 North Carolina Clinics starts at $125. This fee includes a one-on-one consultation with a weight loss expert, watching Dr. Girouard’s 25-minute new patient video, a personal copy of Dr. Girouard’s new patient booklet, and an InBody composition measurement. All subsequent monthly office visits average from $60-$75. Additional fees may apply for medication, injections, supplements and protein products recommended as part of your treatment plan. If you have any questions please call to verify the latest pricing structure.

Wyoming office visit fees include the cost of injections. The first office visit is $175, subsequent office visits from $105-$125 (fees do not include medication, supplements or protein products).

You can reach us in NC on (704) 766-1000, Casper, WY on (307) 337-4058, or Cheyenne, WY on (307) 251-8869 to schedule an appointment in any of our clinics. We're here to help you reach your health and wellness goals in a safe and proven program. Thank you.

Professional Qualifications

Terri Williams - 97 lbs. lost

Our Clinics are professionally staffed with Board Certified Advanced Practice Providers (Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants), educated at a Master's degree level, and all with extensive clinical experience. Click here for employment opportunities.

Our outstanding staff also consists of Registered Nurses, Nursing Assistants, Medical Office Assistants, Pharmacy Technicians and a professional, friendly front office and administrative staff. As a team, our primary goal is to better serve you under the outstanding leadership of Dr. Michael Girouard.

Let's Get Thin MD™

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